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Hair, makeup, nails, relaxations… are among the few necessities that will help make the big day complete. You deserve to have professionals take care of all of your wedding day beauty and relaxation needs. With nothing on your mind other than you and your wedding party being pampered, rejuvenated and transformed into the picture perfect crew you envisioned.

From the bride and groom, to each person in the wedding party, Hilton Head is full of top-notch salons and spas to help create an unforgettable day!

Little girls start drawing their dream wedding dresses almost as soon as they can hold crayons, but their fantasies also usually involve "Barbie" or "Bratz" volumes of shiny luxuriant hair. Unfortunately, most of us just aren't blessed with "perfect" hair, so what's a prospective bride to do? Many women, once they have chosen their once-in-a-lifetime gowns, see themselves in those big three-way mirrors and realize that their everyday hairstyles just don't look quite right?

Ideally, your hairstyle should complement the formality of your wedding attire. Fashion and bridal magazines are a great source for photos of models who have been coifed by internationally renowned professional stylists. Pick a few favorites; ask your fianc?which ones he likes and which he absolutely hates (the answer might surprise you!) Mom and your attendants will offer opinions, too, and your regular hairdresser should know how your hair would work in particular styles that appeal to you.

The first thing you need to do is to pamper your hair, so it will be in great condition. Your hair and skin reflect your general health, so start as early as you can before your wedding to get and keep your diet and fitness under control. Avoid harsh coloring or styling products and too-frequent use of heat processing. Even if you want your hair to grow longer, please remember to snip off any split ends before they become too damaged! Regular trims will not slow down the growth - you can expect it to grow 1/8" to ? per month, about the same as your fingernails. Adding protein and vitamin supplements may speed the process, too.

If you've been coloring your own hair, or used do-it-yourself perms or straighteners, STOP NOW! Throw away any uncoated elastic bands, unforgiving hairbrushes, and combs with missing teeth. Trained stylists can help reverse mistakes over time, blending damaged or discolored sections into vigorous new growth. Wash and rinse with warm water, not hot, and invest in good shampoos and conditioning products. Enjoy indulging in a little luxury. Healthy hair will reward you by being easier to style and maintain.

Consider the climate where you will be getting married. If your wedding will be in your hometown, you and your hairdresser already know how your hair responds to the temperature and the humidity there. If you are planning a getaway destination ceremony, you may need to adapt your hairstyle to unforeseen heat, dampness or dryness, not to mention breezes! Think about engaging a local stylist for a resort wedding, which means interviewing hairdressers well in advance. Make appointments to have your hair done a time or two during the planning stages, so you have the opportunity to develop a relationship with your out-of-town stylist.

A good professional hairstylist should be capable of helping you determine the shape of your face, your best features and the texture of your hair. Go prepared with photos of hairdos you like from magazines. Take any headpieces such as veils, clips or tiaras with you to the salon, as well as photos of your dress from the front and the back. All of these will be factors in your styling decisions. Ask a good friend to accompany you, too. If you wear a veil at the ceremony, you will probably take it off at the reception, so consider whether you might need to refresh your 'do and if you can accomplish this by yourself. Few brides can afford to have a hairstylist "on call" to fix wayward tresses, but if he/she has shown one of your attendants a few tricks and you have an emergency kit (hairpins, a comb, a curling iron and some hairspray) you'll feel secure in your bridal beauty!

Is your hair short? Short hair can look sophisticated and elegant. Soft curls or dramatic finger waves accented with jeweled pins and flowers frame a lovely face to perfection. Even stick-straight hair will hold these styles with the aid of modern "product" mousses and gels, and look fabulous with slinky gowns, smoky eyes and blushing lips.

Perhaps your hair is mid-length. Your options are nearly limitless! You can go with a smooth sleek style, a mass of soft waves or a headful of bouncing curls worn up or down. A chignon or twist updo looks serene and regal. Pulling the hair higher frees tendrils to brush the nape and temples, for a look that's both innocent and a little sexy. People will be seeing you from behind during the ceremony, and mid-length hair allows the back of a beautifully embellished dress to show to full advantage.

Long luxurious hair has always been considered a woman's crowning glory! A waterfall of shining smooth hair sweeps languidly down your back, or waves ripple softly around your face and shoulders. Women are often envious and men just want to reach out and touch it. Long hair has a fairy tale quality, and is complimented by romantic dress styles and lots of flowers. Sometimes, due just to its volume and weight, long hair seems to limit the ways you can work with it. Braids and coronets offer polished looks when the weather is humid and breezy.

Just before your wedding is not a good time to experiment with new haircuts, perms or coloring!

If your hair is thin, talk to your stylist about extensions to fill in extra volume or length. Clip-in pieces are available to supplement your natural hair, and can even provide some temporary highlights and texture without risking disaster. Try not to get carried away creating too outrageous a style - you'll be looking at the wedding pictures for the rest of your life!

Don't over-condition your hair just before your wedding day - an excess of conditioning treatments accumulates in the shafts of the strands, making the hair dull and limp. Your stylist may advise you not to wash your hair just before the wedding, as stripping out too much natural oil may make it uncontrollably "flyaway" at the worst potential moment!

Before you leave home for the salon, put on a button-front shirt. You don't want to have to slice off your favorite T to avoid wrecking your fresh hairdo (and possibly that beautiful makeup you have just paid an artist to apply!) Go early enough to give your salon's staff time to do their magic without last-minute frenzy. They don't need the stress and neither do you!

Finally, our best advice is: Smile and look as radiant as you feel on your special day!

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