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Hilton Head Wedding Budget Tips

Budgetting Tip #1 - Scheduling the Ceremony

If you can't afford to provide a full meal for your guests, don't schedule a lunchtime (11am-2pm) or dinnertime (6pm-8pm) ceremony-if you occupy a guest's time during those hours, they will expect to be fed. A morning ceremony can mean breakfast snacks at the reception, and between 2pm-5pm, you can serve brunch or light cocktail hors d'oeuvres. Include wording in the invitation that will specify that guests should not expect a full meal.

Budgetting Tip #2 - Decorating

If you're short on decorating funds, find a site that's already tastefully decorated or ask if it has a decoration closet. Many churches have wedding closets from which you can borrow pew bows and such. Also, instead of having an expensive bouquet of roses, ask for a unique bouquet of exotic and unusual flowers that can run much cheaper. For decorative flower, buy silk instead of real because they won't die, they won't stain, and they won't smell bad after a few hours.

Budgetting Tip #3 - Plan for Less

There are dozens of shortcuts helpful for a tight budget. Budget for less than you can afford. For example, if your total wedding budget is $10,000, see what you can do with $7,500 and then use the leftovers to improve the items that are most important to you. You don't really need programs because very few guests will even take them from the ceremony site.

Budgetting Tip #4 - Look for Bargains

If you can't find affordable items like centerpiece vases, try EBay and look up hurricane-damaged stuff. Oftentimes, these things only look dirty but aren't ruined, and you'll pay a tiny fraction for them. Also, ask nearby vocational schools for discounted help, like a chef school for your cake/catering or an interior design school for your décor.

Budgetting Tip #5 - Small Cake / Big Cake

You can buy a small traditional wedding cake but, after you make your traditional cuts, have the staff cart it away into the site's kitchen. There you could have cheaper sheet cakes waiting to be served to guests. Who will know the difference? Or, if you want a tall traditional cake but don't have that many guests, have the baker only make enough layers to serve your guests and fill in the extra tiers with iced Styrofoam.

Budgetting Tip #6 - The Dress

Buy your material, pick out some patterns, and have a seamstress or tailor make your bridesmaids dresses instead of buying them off the rack or ordering them.

Budgetting Tip #7 - The Wedding Site

Hotels are often cheaper wedding sites because they have all the items there (I.e., tables, chairs, linens) that you'd otherwise have to rent and possibly risk losing your deposit to damages.

Budgetting Tip #8 - The Groom's Cake

Some couples choose to serve the groom's cake at the rehearsal dinner and the big cake at the wedding reception. That way, they don't have so much cake left over on their wedding day and both cakes were eaten This is especially helpful for those who want a large tiered cake but don't have enough guests to eat both at the reception.

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